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  A letter from Sue ... Jose's Mum

"I would like to thank you for the offer to help us raise money for the purchase of a van in order to transport our son. Jose. Jose suffered some form of a cardiac arrest in November last year. He was transported to The Royal Children’s Hospital where has was on life support for almost two weeks. Little hope was held out for his recovery but he pulled through and was taken off life support. He then slowly came out of a coma but had suffered severe hypoxic brain injury. Once again little hope was held for his recovery. He remained stable and in time was transferred to a rehabilitation unit nearer to home until we were able to have Jose come home to stay with us. He requires 24 hour care and we are his full time carers. Slowly but surely Jose is making progress. It will take a long time for him to recover and our main concern is to help him on that road. Apart from the physical care needs, we attempt to ensure that he receives as much therapy as possible, which includes introducing him back to his normal world."

"He was a great fan of boxing and motorcycle racing, as well he loved to go by the ocean. We are finding that as Jose is confined to a wheelchair it is difficult at times to take him out anywhere, especially as taxis are unreliable and quite expensive. We want to raise enough money to buy a van which allows for wheelchair access where we can take him to all the places he used to love and the things he used to love doing. It is vital for his recovery that he not be confined to inside, to four walls. An important part of his therapy is to take him outside to see the things he loves."

To find out more about Jose, go to our Current Initiative page.





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