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Background of the Little Treasures Foundation
How we go about providing Little Treasures services
Details of our Current Initiative
How you can donate to the Little Treasures Foundation
Our initiative of the future, the Three Treasures Resort
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  How this will be achieved

Funds will be raised by:

public donations

corporate sponsorship

allocated distributions from Government and other charitable organisations

profits from the sale of commercial products

proceeds from charitable fund-raising programs

investment by private individuals or corporations — provided such investments do not require support by any guarantees nor require any return on investment greater than that provided by commercial bank investments applicable at the time of the investment. Any returns to investors are not to be to the detriment of the Foundation. Funds will be used to promote the objectives of the Foundation and to pay qualified practitioners to treat children using publicly acceptable health treatment modalities. Treatments will be provided throughout Australia via a chain of clinics – which will be set up as dictated by demand and the Foundation’s financial circumstances. Foundation administration costs will be kept to within a maximum of 8% of funds received in any financial year.

A sizable chunk of funding for The Little Treasures Foundation will eventually be provided by the establishment of the Three Treasures Health Resort which will boast five-star facilities. Any profits from the Resort will be provided directly to The Little Treasures Foundation to set up and run the Little Treasures clinics (totally free to the children and their care givers) and to help children anywhere who need it.





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