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  A letter from our President, Ivan McWilliams

Jose now "With the help of good friends I have set up the Little Treasures Foundation to help children (up to and including the age of 17) with severe medical or emotional/psychiatric conditions. In many instances, the use of western medicine may not be enough. Parents and carers need to be aware that there are many exceptional therapies and practitioners available which can provide an alternative avenue of treatment. Lack of awareness may be because these therapies don't fit in with the accepted modern and scientific model of medicine. Some examples are acupuncture, Tuina (pronounced twee-nah), herbalism and homoeopathy to name a few and including methods used by those Doctors who believe these therapies have a place in the system."

"José is one such child where medical authorities had decided that it was impossible for him to show signs of improvement in any form. I did not want to waste José and his families’ time or give false hope but there were therapies that I believed could help. These were (and still are) carried out by myself and some of my students. All treatments are free no matter how many he needs a week. I have taught his family to do the treatments when I am not there, as the treatments have to be done daily. José is already responding ever so subtly, and even his GP feels José is more aware."

"José’s condition is similar to that of another young man named Roy, who I am treating in Adelaide. Roy has improved out of sight and is now able to talk, swallow (he was fed through a peg in his abdomen, as is José), walk short distances, use a computer etc."

Jose before

"My wish is to give José the chance to achieve similar levels of improvement. The family is getting very little help, because the authorities have classified José as incurable and taken him out of the system. They are demanding that he be placed in a home, where he will get only sufficient help to survive."

"Here on the Sunshine Coast it is expensive and extremely hard to use a taxi system. We need to raise $10,000 for a vehicle to help get José around so he can receive constant treatments and be given some hope."

"Please tell others of the concept behind The Little Treasures and over time we can raise the necessary money to help Jose and other children."

If you want to help us raise sufficient funds to help Jose, we would be extremely appreciative of any donation, no matter how small or large.





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