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  Little Treasures Background

The Foundation is by far in its infancy, having only been formed in July 2006. It is the realisation of a dream for one of its founding members, Ivan McWilliams. Ivan is an Acupuncturist and a practitioner of a form of Chinese massage called Tuina (pronounced Twee-nah). He has had some amazing results with many of his patients since he began practising in the early 1990s. Ivan was raised in Adelaide (South Australia) and currently resides in the Sunshine Coast (Queensland). His time is shared between the two locations.

The Foundation was formed in Adelaide and aims to set up clinics in every Australian State. Initially, we will be asking practitioners to donate their time wherever possible to treat the children. As we grow, and become financially viable, then we will be able to recompense the practitioners for their time, and ensure their on-going support for our cause.

When our funding permits, we aim to set up a chain of dedicated clinics throughout Australia to provide the treatments. There is enormous potential and we are totally committed to it. For starters, see what we are trying to achieve for one young Sunshine Coast lad – José.





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